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Sales, marketing and distribution management For cosmetics, skincare and haircare Brands
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Our Mission

Managing brands

Sarah Jordan recognised a need for a company that would have a passion for the brands they worked with, was reactive to change in the marketplace, and most importantly, understood the importance of managing a brand effectively to ensure longevity in the market.

Sarah Jordan Associates offers a unique and individually tailored service, to all of their valued clients, to achieve “Global Market Entry”.

Founded in 2004

About Sarah jordan

Sarah has over 25 years of experience within the cosmetics, fragrance, communications and distribution sectors.

With advanced skills in brand management, and the expertise to develop, execute and manage a client’s distribution, brand roll out and communications strategy, across the Middle East and globally, alongside her team of industry professionals.

Sarah is an innovative and inspirational leader of operations, with a proven ability to drive business growth through effective global distribution, sales and integrated communication strategies, as well as successful market penetration.

How we work

Personalised Service

Sarah Jordan Associates increase a brand’s global footprint and market penetration through their personalised distribution and communication strategies, across the Middle East and globally.

Sarah Jordan Associates specialise in working together with companies and brands within the cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and haircare sectors.

Committed to the success of your business

How we help

International Sales

International Sales & Distribution Management

We increase international sales and distribution, through managed, new market entry, and work with key distributors, to ensure success, and longevity, of all the brands we manage.

Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications

We get your brand noticed, and create a digital presence, through differentiated brand positioning, media launches, advertising campaigns and collaborations with Social Media Influencers.

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