Welcome to sarah jordan associates

Sarah Jordan Associates is a unique Sales, Marketing, Brand Management and Spa/Business Consultancy who are committed to the success of all the businesses and brands they work with.

Sarah Jordan Associates was founded in 2004 by Sarah Jordan who has been involved in the cosmetics, perfumery and the Spa industry for over 28 years as a Business Development and Operational Professional involved in Coaching and Enabling businesses in the understanding of how to achieve Growth and Longevity.

Sarah recognised a need for a company that would have a passion for the brands they worked with, was reactive to change in the market place and most importantly, understood the importance of managing a brand effectively to ensure longevity in the market place.

Sarah Jordan Associates offers a unique and individual service to each of their clients.

Our Objectives

  • To build a profile for the brand
  • To identify and promote the brand's USP
  • To position the brand in the most beneficial arena
  • To develop brand identity in the market place
  • To aid in exposure via media
  • Development and implementation of Marketing Strategies
  • International Sales/Brand Management

our services includes

  • Brand Management in UK and UAE
  • International Sales Management
  • Development and implementation of Distribution and Marketing Strategies

Fields of Operation

  • Key Distribution Companies
  • Department Stores
  • Pharmacy Multiples
  • ABC1 Pharmacies
  • Health Food Sector
  • Health Food Wholesalers
  • Grocery
  • Shopping channels