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What we do

We develop, implement and execute, strong results-driven distribution, sales and marketing strategies, for the launch and brand roll-out across agreed territories. We then manage that business in its entirety on behalf of the principal.

How we can help

Our Objectives

  • Exclusively manage the sales, distribution and marketing functions for the agreed territories.

  • Advise and put in place registration of products, and distribution agreements.

  • Negotiate the most beneficial terms with distributors and retailers.

  • Manage distributors’ activity and be the direct point of contact, to ensure continued focus on SJA brands.

  • Create and implement an effective roll out strategy, to key retailers and the top e-commerce platforms.
  • Negotiate, implement and manage promotional/launch activity, with distributors and retailers.
  • Work with the principal and distributor to assist with developing successful NPD, specifically for a market.
  • Present new NPD along with a quarterly marketing strategy, to retailers and distributors.
  • Monitor sales, stock level and order placements.
  • Ensure longevity of a brand in the marketplace.

Where we work

International Sales


  • Middle East
  • UK
  • Europe
  • USA
  • Global
Business Sectors


  • Retail
  • e-Commerce
  • TV Shopping

Our Services

Social Media Influencers

SJA not only develop, manage and implement a client’s distribution, marketing and sales strategy, but also work with the a territories key social media influencers and celebrities.

SJA manage and execute a brand’s media launches.

Jessica Kahawaty worked with SJA as the Middle East Ambassador for Sukin, one of SJA’s global brands. SJA managed the distribution across the Middle East, as well as the successful “Middle East Media Launch”, at The Ritz Carlton, Dubai.

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