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February 2, 2021 | Events

Not only do we put in place the most effective distribution and rollout strategies, but we also manage and execute a brand’s “Media Launch” to the key players in the territory, media, VIPs, celebrities and the top social media influencers!

Below reflects our Sukin Media Launch, with Super Model Jessica Khawaty!

Jessica Khawaty, Supermodel

SJA create an engaging community, through Social Media Exposure!

SJA Social Media

Another area we focus on is New Product Development.

SJA have grown Unicskin into one of the most sought-after skincare brands across the Middle East!

One reason for this success, is creating specific NPD, that fills a gap in the market, like Unicwhite X-treme.

Unicskin Unicwhite X-Treme Complex

A unique proprietary blend of concentrated active ingredients, and hypoallergenic natural plant extracts, to decrease melanin production.


  • Reduces dark spots
  • Combats hyperpigmentation
  • Reveals brighter and more glowing skin
  • Efficiently rids the skin of its dead cells to stimulate regeneration
  • Colourant-free; dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic

Advertising Campaigns

Creating a strong Advertising Campaign, is also part of our strategy, where we feel this would benefit a brand.

The above campaign for Unicskin, created a sell-out and ongoing demand for Unicwhite Extreme, which we developed specifically for the Middle East consumer.

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