How Covid Has Changed The Consumer’s Focus, In 2021!

February 1, 2021 | Beauty

What’s on the horizon for SJA brands in 2021? Change is in the air, that’s for sure.

Comfort, resilience and the uplifting power of beauty and self-care products have never been more important. While specific “trends” like the call for more inclusive beauty brands aren’t just trends, they’re a top priority.

Key Words 2021

Eyes, hands (obviously), affirmations, celestial & crystal beauty, stress-less, simplicity, sunlight, clarity, resilience, community, plastic-free, plant-a-tree, Scandinavian, planet-friendly, healing, havening, soothing, stabilising, sensorial, strengthening, slowing down, grounding, supporting, giving-back, rebalancing, mood-boosting, “moodtropics”, immunity, gut-brain, brain health, nature, sanctuary, connection, at-home rituals (relaxing facials, mineral salt baths), CBD everything, deep rest, calming our nervous systems, sleep is the ultimate luxury, and finding joy in the year we all hope will be the upswing.

1. Unicskin’s EYES

While eyes will obviously be a big makeup/creative focus (as will Unicskin’s dark circle/puffiness solutions). And hair, for the same reason – We Are Paradoxx, fits that bill!

Unicskin Skin Products

  1. Anti-Wrinkle Action: Anti-wrinkle, with immediate and long-lasting “Lifting” effect, activated by the concentration of Matrixyl Synthe 6®, which promotes collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis; and its high concentration of Orange Stem Cells. Visibly reduces the signs of ageing.
  2. Anti-Puffiness Action: Combats puffiness, with the powerful action of Caffeine and a decongestant effect.
  3. Anti-Dark Circles Action: Helps prevent dark circles and blue colouring around the eyes, combining the properties of Citrus and Ruscus (Legactiv®).

We Are Paradoxx Product Range

2. Plastic Packaging heads for the exit door (but not fast enough).

Get great hair without a guilty conscience with We Are Paradoxx – the world’s first totally environmentally and socially-conscious haircare brand. 90% plastic-free, vegan and cruelty-free, each product in their range cares for both your hair and the world around you.

Taking inspiration from the brand’s Irish heritage, We Are Paradoxx products are enriched with Seaweed, Clover and Nettle as well as many other powerful, natural ingredients to give your hair exactly what it needs and add mirror-like shine. Replenish and revitalise locks that are a little worse for wear with the Hangover Hair Elixir and add game-changing texture with their Fierce Sea Salt Spray.

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