The Top 4 Middle East beauty trends to watch in 2021!

January 30, 2021 | Beauty

Want to know what will be happening in the world of beauty this year? Read on to find out…

Beauty 4.0

Tech and digital advances to ‘transform beauty interactions’ in the wake of COVID-19, Beauty 4.0 will grow in consumer demand and awareness.

As consumers continue to target online and social media exposure, and reinforcement from social media influencers continues to rise, the uptake of smart beauty devices and engagement with brands online will increase.

Unicskin, a brand that SJA launched across the Middle East in 2019 offers Techno Beauty at its finest!

Beauty 4.0 will be driven by a desire to engage with brands one-on-one and obtain highly personalised products and curated content.

Beauty for all

An inclusive industry where consumers are ‘understood’.

Consumers increasingly want to feel catered to and better understood and are looking for products that match them inside and out, no matter what age, gender, race or creed they identify as.

Self-care society

‘Time, money and space’ dedicated to wellbeing

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has seen consumers flip the lid on priorities, with many dedicating more time, money and space to taking care of themselves and their loved ones.

Self-care has truly soared into the beauty spotlight as consumers look to feel better, healthier, happier and more satisfied in themselves amidst all the negativity brought about by the pandemic.

Oral care spotlight

Can toothpaste and mouthwash become COVID important?

Scientific interest and consumer engagement in the oral care category started to rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, driven by increased hygiene concerns amongst consumers.

SJA’s Polished London fills this gap.

Polished London - Whitening Paste

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